Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


Marty had read my blog post “Sanctuary.” He asked about the guy named Eric I mentioned. Could he be the Eric he knew from the ski patrol. “He had a stroke. Last I heard he was in a wheelchair.” I had no idea. But I could easily see him as having been a serious athlete. … Read more


The winter session was a bust as far as I was concerned. I made it to the first yoga class of the winter session, then I had to skip a couple of weeks worth of classes because of the flu. Next was a long period of severe asthma. Everything triggered an episode, teaching, breathing the … Read more


Sara laughed. “Don’t put it on your blog.” It hadn’t occurred to me to post her photo. “Now, I have to.” Today, I was giddy. It was Thanksgiving week, which meant that I was done teaching for the week. As much as I love teaching, I also love my breaks from teaching. As anyone who … Read more


Sara tightened the strap that held my shoulders back. “How does that feel?” I let my arms hang down, relaxed. “You can go a little tighter.” The first time Sara strapped my shoulders back, I hated it, and asked to be released within the first minute. But after seeing the benefits, I tolerated it. I … Read more