Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

From Maker to Aficionado

I became a maker at a young age. I was first exposed to a textile technique as a seven year old when Mum taught me to knit. Through the years I learned a variety of textile techniques, including needlepoint, crocheting, felting, and spinning. I enjoyed them all. Learning to weave was different. It was as … Read more

The How of Weaving

I am a weaver. My loom is a support mechanism that holds everything together until the entire piece is woven. When I finish weaving, the fabric becomes an entity unto itself, no longer requiring support. I then free it from its temporary support, the loom. The warp, the lengthwise threads that stretch along the loom, … Read more

Missing Me

Weaving and spinning… A brain injury survivor posted on Facebook, “I miss the old me.” With little thought I responded, “I don’t think I do anymore, not really.” Have I really let go of the old me? I don’t believe so. At the very least it provides a reference point for the new me. In … Read more

Roller Coaster

“What was the worst thing that happened in your recovery?’ What was the worst? That was tough. My thoughts wandered over the first couple of years, and it popped out. “The absolute worst was having to tell my kids that I might die under the knife.” But then I realized that I hadn’t really answered … Read more