Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Chance Meeting

“Dvorah?!” I turned to identify the source of the questioning exclamation. I immediately recognized the face attached to the unfamiliar voice—Ze’ev. Deep down inside, I didn’t feel the need to confirm his identity, but a niggling voice in my mind did. I searched the crowd milling about us to place him within a familiar context, … Read more

Herding Cats

On Novmber 2nd, I sent a message to Sefi via Facebook: “I’ll be in Israel December 19 through 28.” He responded with: “I will start arranging something. In Israeli terms this is not a short notice.” Way back when, towards the end of March, I got a notification on Facebook that it was Sefi’s birthday. … Read more


When did it start? Did I first sense it as we ambled through the shaded courtyard, or was it an abrupt shift when we stepped into the sunshine? Perhaps it first nudged my consciousness when I touched the first carved pillar along our path. My fingers splayed, my palms rested on the stone, absorbing the … Read more


Stubbornness to me isn’t merely about going head-to-head with your teenager, letting the dirty dishes pile up for days in an attempt to shame him into emptying the dishwasher, seeing who will hold out longer. These days, post-bloody brain, stubbornness holds a much more significant meaning— stubbornness is about fiercely persevering despite numerous obstacles strewn … Read more