Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Hands Up

Shoes off. Coat and hoodie in the bin. Wait. My belt—I whip it off, roll it up, and tuck it under the coat. I check my pockets. Oh yes, liquids—I pull the ziploc bag out of my backpack. I think I’ve got it all. Oops, the iPad. I sigh as I reach over to get … Read more

Flying High

Here I sit in the U.S. at my computer, yesterday my thoughts were on Ghana, today, I dream of Haiti. I researched weaving in Morocco and the Philippines, and studied embroidery in Thailand and India. In Scotland, I learnt about kilt hose, and in Panama I found molas, the colorful reverse applique of the Kuna … Read more

Oh Well

She smiled. “So, when’s your next trip?” I thought for a brief moment. “Well, I’m going to Israel next week—it’s our spring break…” She nodded. I thought some more. “And a the end of May, I’m off to New York for the Book Expo America. You know… for the book…” I grinned, a tad embarrassed. … Read more


“I’m phoning from the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.” I gulped and sat up. The scheduler continued in her cheery voice, “It’ll be a three to five day stay in hospital.” Yikes! Three to five days!? At my neurologist’s office they said one to three days, and given my history, they were sure it would only be … Read more