Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Heart Heavy

Photo: THE TARTAN Carnegie Mellon’s Student Newspaper I move slowly, as if this unbearable heaviness in my heart is dragging my whole body, my entire being, down with it. I walk from lecture to my office, step by dragging step, head hanging, tired, so so tired. Except there was no lecture today. Instead, we talked … Read more


That’s it! Enough! No more doom and gloom. Yes, I want to be honest in my writing. I want to share the bad as well as the good, and everything in between. But I’ve been writing about too much of the bad lately, about my fears, about suicide. Recently, the topic of suicide seemed to … Read more


Judy said, “Be compassionate towards your inner critic.” How could I be compassionate towards this entity who tries to prevent me from writing and exploring difficult topics? How could I love someone who makes me procrastinate, who tries to change the subject when I need to focus? When I write about difficult subjects such as … Read more


There have been several semicolons in my life, pauses, stretches of time when my life was a struggle, when I felt I was merely existing, barely surviving. One such stretch lasted several months–the time between my brain bleeds and when I made the decision to undergo brain surgeries to give myself a chance to reclaim … Read more