Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Over My Head

All too often, during the first few years into my recovery, feeling of it hanging there by a thread was almost tangible—whenever the headaches were particularly bad, when a new symptom appeared, when I was on the verge of collapse from neuro-fatigue. I feared the possibility of another brain bleed.


I suggested he turn to writing. “Writing really helped me through the rough patches. Still does.” “But I don’t think I can do dialogues like I used to.” Before the stroke, Paul used to write movie scripts. I mentioned my memoir. He countered with, “But scripts have to have a resolution. You can’t leave the … Read more


Sarah’s voice shatters the calm in the yoga studio. “Straighten your right leg, Paul! Your right right leg! Your right leg! Now, put all your weight on the strap! All your weight! You’re not going to fall, Laura and I are here. We’re not going to let you fall. The strap will hold you. Trust … Read more