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Safe Environment

Carson burst into song, “I’ve never been to Alaska!” I had trouble suppressing my smile. “That was definitely something boring in an interesting way. Many teachers have a ritual to break the ice with a new group of students. Doug asks them about their favorite flavor of ice cream. Russ hands out index cards asking … Read more

Curly Teeth

“If you eat your meat, your teeth will curl.” I wasn’t horrified at Granny’s pronouncement, merely perplexed. My confusion wasn’t over the possibility that she might be telling the truth, at least as she saw it. I was just having trouble visualizing curly teeth. And I actually liked meat… When I think of Granny, my … Read more

Roller Coaster

“What was the worst thing that happened in your recovery?’ What was the worst? That was tough. My thoughts wandered over the first couple of years, and it popped out. “The absolute worst was having to tell my kids that I might die under the knife.” But then I realized that I hadn’t really answered … Read more