Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


On Fridays after work, I feel like a zombie with a headache. I walk in the door, sit at the dining room table, and stare into space for a good thirty minutes, often more. I then struggle to make my way upstairs. After a relatively easy week, when the headache isn’t terrible, once in my … Read more

Blanket Forts

Lying in bed, still a tad groggy, I glance at the clock and contemplate starting my day, and the tears well up. The thought of facing people, noise, colors is more than I can handle. The mere thought of processing all that sensory input is causing overload. Hyper-sensitized, the noise from the street starts to … Read more

Lazy Day

“You need to take a day off. I mean off everything. When you don’t have to go into work. A real break. Your brain needs it. You’ve been doing too much. No reading and definitely no writing.” Cindy was right, I was totally exhausted. I’d been going strong for a couple of weeks, and the … Read more


I read the note, then again, and again. I can’t make sense of it. Every time I catch a glimpse of its meaning, it slips away before I can fully grasp it. I give up—I’ll deal with it tomorrow. I have to pause to think about the date on the check I am writing. Does … Read more