Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Memory Shards

Why won’t he help himself? Why doesn’t he bring his hands out from under the blanket? His bed is so weird—a box, covered with a thin blanket, pulled tight. Tucked in so neatly, too neatly. Hospital corners. All the other soldiers were laughing, chatting. Propped up in their rumpled beds. They wanted the candy I … Read more


I drifted towards the light, a white, pure light. I wanted to become one with it. I felt warm, at peace. I was. Time was irrelevant. Until I realizedI was floating in place, no longer drifting upward. I was vaguely disappointed as I regained awareness, awakening into a dark room, my room in rehab. I … Read more

Déjà Vu

It’s disturbingly familiar. Not the carpeting—all hotels I’ve been to have ugly smelly carpets. Something about the hallways, the placement of the elevator, the restaurant in the atrium. Something’s not right. But I can’t think what it is. I feel myself tear up. I enter the elevator. I know I’ve been in such an elevator … Read more


Accompanied by a bad headache, this morning’s vertigo was worse than usual, and it didn’t abate by the time I sat down to breakfast. I had to move my head carefully as I ate to minimize the effect. After I finished, I sat for a while longer, hoping that my brain would settle and I’d … Read more