Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Who Was I?

Mum said I behaved like a sixteen year old. Sarah accused me of not being the loving mother that I used to be. Bill implied that my judgment was impaired and I was paranoid. That’s not how I remember it. What was I like during that first year post-surgery? Was I like a teenager, acting … Read more

Then the Other

I don’t know why I tried. I just did. Heel-to-toe, one foot, then the other, ankles wobbling dangerously. Did I just say, “then the other”? There hasn’t been a “then the other” in a long while. I shifted my left foot to the side and turned. “Sarah! Sarah! Look what I can do!” Sarah, my … Read more

Collateral Damage

As I walk in the door, Daniel raises his head from behind his computer. He looks a bit sheepish. I know that look. It’s the one he gives me when he knows he’s messed up. It’s the look he’s given me several times lately, whenever I’ve chided him about the project he was supposed to … Read more