Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Oh The Times…

A few weeks ago someone asked me how long ago were my surgeries. I had to think. “Is it seven years? Or eight? Perhaps nine? Wait. They were done in 2007, it’s now 2015. So it’s been eight years.” I nodded. “Yes, eight. Actually, more than eight years, close to eight and a half years.” … Read more

Victim or Survivor?

To me, the term victim seems so passive and survivor more active, more involved. When I asked my neuropsychologist about the issue, he divided those who have undergone a life threatening ordeal into two groups. There are those who take an active role in their recovery versus those who remain passive, waiting for help to … Read more


Sara tightened the strap that held my shoulders back. “How does that feel?” I let my arms hang down, relaxed. “You can go a little tighter.” The first time Sara strapped my shoulders back, I hated it, and asked to be released within the first minute. But after seeing the benefits, I tolerated it. I … Read more


I suggested he turn to writing. “Writing really helped me through the rough patches. Still does.” “But I don’t think I can do dialogues like I used to.” Before the stroke, Paul used to write movie scripts. I mentioned my memoir. He countered with, “But scripts have to have a resolution. You can’t leave the … Read more