Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

River Trail

Five days in hospital, confined to my bed, left me weak. I felt achy as I climbed stairs. I struggled to get through lecture. Playing with Gus left me light-headed. It took me four days before I felt ready to take Gus for a walk. He was beyond excited, sniffing all over the place. pulling … Read more

Two Showers, Six Shampoos, One Haircut

A five-day hospital stay. Yikes! Still smiling The pre-hospitalization packet said three to five days. Upon arrival at the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit), the nurse clarified: three to five days on average. A minimum of three, possibly more than five—it depended on how successful they were in inducing seizures. Possibly more?! Mid-afternoon, the attending neurologist … Read more


“Am I not trying hard enough?” “Am I being melodramatic? A hypochondriac?” “Will I always be like this?” “Will I be able to get back into the classroom?” Those, and more questions, plagued me during my first year of recovery from my brain surgeries. Some of them continue to plague me. I still wonder whether … Read more


Tuesday, January 31, looked to be a busy day. I knew I shouldn’t have booked myself up. I’d been fraying at the edges lately. If I didn’t watch it the bloody brain would demand its price, and it wouldn’t be pretty. I try to keep my Tuesdays clear to make sure I make it through … Read more