Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


That elusive other shoe finally dropped on my last day in Israel. When did the headache start? In the morning before I left? Or was it the afternoon? I was certainly in bad shape by the time I said goodbye to my parents in the evening. Unlike the rest of the headaches I suffered throughout … Read more


My sister formed a Whatsapp group for the family. My siblings and I often message each other. I live in Pittsburgh, my older brother in Boston, and my two younger siblings in Israel. Though far flung, we are very close. A few days ago I messaged them about having won a minor writing competition. Us … Read more


I returned home from my latest trip to Israel just over a month ago. I came away with a goofy smile on the inside, and whenever I spoke about my visit, that same smile showed on the outside as well. But I didn’t fully understand what had happened. I knew that my first trip to … Read more

Frame of Reference

I peered through the airplane window, scanning, searching. When I finally caught sight of the beaches of Tel-Aviv, my heart skipped a beat. Trying to keep my excitement in check, I told myself that it would be at least half an hour before we landed, and more than two hours before we reached my parents … Read more