Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Who Am I? Where Did I Go?

Who Am I? Where Did I Go? Another Fork in the Road, on Brain Injury Radiohosted by Donna O’Donnell Figurski 1:20 first aired September 4, 2022 Lingering effects of brain injury, from physical disabilities, variable neurological symptoms, and personality shifts to astonishing changes in how we act and interact with the world, can leave survivors … Read more


I think it might have been her glorious smile that first caught my eye. Perhaps it was the warm color of her skin that attracted my attention. Wait! Was this racism on my part? That my first impression of her was through the color of her skin? I didn’t want that to be the case. … Read more

Story Strong

A student came to my office, looked around my office. As he crossed the threshold, his step faltered. I turned to see what had caused his reaction—he was staring at my calendar, a Jewish calendar with a big Star of David emblazoned on it. Curious, I scrutinized him, searching for a clue that would explain … Read more


I returned home from my latest trip to Israel just over a month ago. I came away with a goofy smile on the inside, and whenever I spoke about my visit, that same smile showed on the outside as well. But I didn’t fully understand what had happened. I knew that my first trip to … Read more

Frame of Reference

I peered through the airplane window, scanning, searching. When I finally caught sight of the beaches of Tel-Aviv, my heart skipped a beat. Trying to keep my excitement in check, I told myself that it would be at least half an hour before we landed, and more than two hours before we reached my parents … Read more


I asked him how he came across my blog. “I was demonstrating how to use a search engine.” I wondered what led him to use my name for a demonstration. But I didn’t dwell on the issue; I was glad he contacted me. This time I was in a place to welcome him back into … Read more