Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Way Too Early

Gus was fast asleep when I got up. A very deep sleep. I am NOT getting up. You’re kidding, right? I’m can’t believe you’re actually serious. Fine. I’ll get up. But first I need a belly rub. What’s the hold up? Let’s roll!

Moments of Joy

On days when I feel lonely, or sad, Gus always manages to raise a chuckle. When the bloody brain is being hard on me, he settles by my side, touching, sometimes resting his head on my shoulder, his warm (and not too stinky) breath brushing against my cheek. He wakes me up in the morning … Read more

Prissy Paws

Joyce was watching Gus in the fenced in back yard. “Poor little guy. With those paws of his, he can’t really dig.” A couple of days later, he made a liar out of her. Gus is a mutt. The vet thinks he has some basset hound and pit-bull in him. He certainly has the coloring … Read more


Gus filled voids in my life I hadn’t even noticed. Within the first week of his stay, it was as if they’d never existed. A couple of weeks later, his visit ended.