Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


“So how was the horse thing last night?” I gave Kate a goofy smile. “I… it was… amazing.” I just didn’t have the words to describe Cavalia Odysseo. I had no idea where to begin. It felt so… so huge, so incredible, magical. The horses and the African tumblers and the acrobats… it was fabulous. … Read more

Prissy Paws

Joyce was watching Gus in the fenced in back yard. “Poor little guy. With those paws of his, he can’t really dig.” A couple of days later, he made a liar out of her. Gus is a mutt. The vet thinks he has some basset hound and pit-bull in him. He certainly has the coloring … Read more


“Are there still pirates?”My daughter was about four years old at the time, and quite precocious. Even though I knew that my answer would unnerve Sarah, I admitted to the continued existence of pirates. I always tried to be honest with my kids. “What if pirates come to take our treasure?” I tried allaying her … Read more


After stopping briefly at the stop sign, I shift my weight onto  the pedals and pump hard. Once I’ve crossed the intersection, I settle  onto my seat and relax, pedaling in a leisurely fashion. I coast, the wind brushing across my cheeks. I turn my head to watch  the view glide by: the river below, … Read more