Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Sweating the Surreal Stuff

Red high heels

Why red carpet? Why not blue or purple? And how on Earth does one walk down it? Certainly not stride, unless shod in combat boots. What about meander? Or stroll? Sashay? Sashay sounds good. And what should I wear? A suit? A tuxedo? Somehow that doesn’t feel right. Certainly not a dress. I don’t own … Read more

Potato Chips

Tonya warned me, “They’re like potato chips. You can’t have just one.” I scoffed. Of course I can have just one. I only wanted one—my semicolon tattoo. It was symbolic, meaningful. I had no reason to want another. There was no other meaningful symbol I might want tattooed on my body. But then I saw … Read more


Growing up, we only ate mangoes once a year. It was part of our Rosh Hashana ritual, a chaser to a blessing, thanking God for providing us with sustenance. Dad intoned the blessing, and as the sound of our Amens faded into silence, he cut open the mango. Mango was my favorite fruit. I practically … Read more


Is it me, or do many of us have favorite slippers we keep long past their demise? I finally had to admit that the hand felted slippers I bought seven plus years ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival had met their maker (?) It took several hints to drag me kicking and screaming … Read more