Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Semester’s End

I turn to Joyce. “So what did we come here for again?” She rolls her eyes. “A cotton blanket.” “Oh yeah. Sorry.” A few seconds later, as we head towards the bedding department, I ask again, “Ummm… what did we come to buy?” I rarely ventured into this particular store, and was constantly distracted by … Read more


I planned to use Lysol wipes to clean the bathtub, I knew I was okay with those, but forgot. I knew that I had trouble with various cleaning products, but I forgot. Last time I used the Lysol spray it affected me badly, but I forgot. I meant to open the window wider, but I … Read more

Movie Recommendations

Three women sitting at a dining room table.”I saw a really good movie last week. You have to go see it. The title was… uh…” Bonnie tried to help. “Was it… oh I don’t remember the title, but it had the actor… what was his name?” I had been out of commission for almost a … Read more