Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Take A Hike

November 17th was Take A Hike Day, at least according to Sandra Boynton. My immediate thought, upon seeing her Facebook post with a picture of a hiking hippo, was that it was indeed a beautiful day to for a hike in the nearby nature reserve. My next thought was how to fit it into my … Read more


Marty had read my blog post “Sanctuary.” He asked about the guy named Eric I mentioned. Could he be the Eric he knew from the ski patrol. “He had a stroke. Last I heard he was in a wheelchair.” I had no idea. But I could easily see him as having been a serious athlete. … Read more


After stopping briefly at the stop sign, I shift my weight onto  the pedals and pump hard. Once I’ve crossed the intersection, I settle  onto my seat and relax, pedaling in a leisurely fashion. I coast, the wind brushing across my cheeks. I turn my head to watch  the view glide by: the river below, … Read more


  “They’re walking on us!” I pulled my paddle blade through the water with more power. “It is your decision. Do you want this? You have to decide now!” I’d never heard Coach Lynne sound so intense. I didn’t think I had anymore to give. But I did: more power, more focus. As I slammed my … Read more