Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Blind Dragon

One and two. One and two. Twenty paddlers in a dragon boat, paddling in unison. One and two. One and two. Following the paddlers in first seat. One and two. One and two. The coach calls from the stern. “Blind dragon! In three, two, one!” I close my eyes. Head cocked, I listen with my … Read more

No Butt

I hiked up my pants. “No matter how tightly I cinch my belt, no matter what shape pants I wear, they keep falling down.”Joyce chuckled. “That’s because you have no butt.”I used to have a butt, a nice, rounded, firm butt.During the first year after the surgeries, I lost a lot of weight and with … Read more


After my first session dragon boating, I clambered out of the boat with a goofy grin that lasted through the remainder of the day. And after my first race, my grin resurfaced over the next few days, whenever I recalled the event. I’ve always been passionate about the sport, but after I suffered hemorrhaging in … Read more


  “They’re walking on us!” I pulled my paddle blade through the water with more power. “It is your decision. Do you want this? You have to decide now!” I’d never heard Coach Lynne sound so intense. I didn’t think I had anymore to give. But I did: more power, more focus. As I slammed my … Read more