Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

River Trail

Five days in hospital, confined to my bed, left me weak. I felt achy as I climbed stairs. I struggled to get through lecture. Playing with Gus left me light-headed. It took me four days before I felt ready to take Gus for a walk. He was beyond excited, sniffing all over the place. pulling … Read more


After the first, I listen for the second, and the third. That’s the norm—three. I’ve never heard just two or one, I’ve heard four only twice, and I have never heard more. This time, when I heard the first, I was puzzled. It was shorter than usual, and the second didn’t come. I looked behind … Read more


I wind up and let it go. As it starts its flight across the room, Gus gallops over, his tail streaming behind him like a banner, with me chasing him at a jog. He rushes to snag the stuffed toy raccoon with his teeth, waits for me to catch up, then turns and runs back … Read more


Beechwood Farms We headed for the railroad crossing. Gus, eager to investigate and explore, pulled on the leash. But when we reached the tracks, instead of leading me across, towards the river, he pulled towards a new path, one that ran along the railroad tracks. New territory for both of us, we spent the next … Read more

In Charge

Tigger, one of Cindy’s Basset Hounds, couldn’t get up on the bed on his own. Or wouldn’t. Probably wouldn’t. Half asleep, I tried to ignore his whining, but he persisted. I briefly debated whether I should attempt to sink into oblivion despite his repeated entreaties. But I knew he was stubborn and there was a … Read more


When the topics of lice or fleas come up in conversation, I start itching. When the kids were in daycare and we were notified there was a case of head lice among the kids, my head started itching. It itched when I found out that they were having a problem over at another daycare. When … Read more