Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


“I wouldn’t want to go back to the way I was. No matter what. Not the I’d want to repeat the experience…” Judy and I were discussing the notion of my brain injury being a blessing in disguise. Too much of a cliché, using that phrase makes me feel uncomfortable, and whenever I use it, … Read more


It’s just something you do, without thinking, without giving it a name. Then later, when someone praises you for it, you shrug. “I was just doing a mitzvah.” “Bar mitzvah” is commonly thought of as Jewish coming of age ceremony, celebrated when a boy turns thirteen. However, the deeper meaning behind the celebration is that … Read more

Spatial Awareness

I’m afraid to move.There’s nothing out there for me, nothing to hold me in place, nothing to support me. I cannot give myself up to the nothingness. “Here, I put the chair right behind you. Just sit down.” How can I possibly sit down? I will fall, forever. I ponder my feet again. Dare I … Read more


This was my first poem: ~~~ Memories. Of the past. Swimming. Salt.The smell of pine trees.At night. Walking.Racing dragon boats. On the river. The laughter emerges.The sadness remains. Always. I am changed. ~~~ I wrote it within the first couple of weeks after I was discharged from hospital. Until then, I’d had no use for … Read more