Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Adjusting to Personality Changes after Brain Trauma

Adjusting to Personality Changes After Brain Trauma Another Fork in the Road, on Brain Injury Radiohosted by Donna O’Donnell Figurski 1:22:27 first aired April 3, 2022 Many brain injury survivors feel like they lost the person they used to be. They don’t know themselves anymore. Caregivers as well as survivors experience significant changes, too. Join … Read more

Deb Brandon & Stroke TV Media

Stroke TV Media Live streaming broadcast (recording available on Stroke TV’s YouTube channel) Stroke TV Show – Stroke Survivor Story Segment I’ll be sharing my story of surviving brain injury during the “Stroke Survivor Story Segment” on Aaron Avila’s StrokeTV.

A Battle Within podcast

A Battle Within I’ll be talking with Drew & Terry Niemann about the impact of brain injury on survivors and caregivers.

Happily Ever After: A Tale of Brain Injury

She lived happily ever after.
Or so she thought
Brain bleeds and subsequent surgeries ended the life she knew and her dreams of the future.
In the wake of the surgeries, she struggled to reclaim her place in the world, to regain the life she lost.

10 Things I Especially Like (In No Particular Order)

Gus’s a funny little thing, a mutt, smarter that I could have imagined. He teases me, changing the rules of games as we play, laughing at me from the top of the steep hill in my back yard, squeaking his toy as he tries to tempt me to clamber up the slippery slope to wrestle the toy away from him.

Over My Head

All too often, during the first few years into my recovery, feeling of it hanging there by a thread was almost tangible—whenever the headaches were particularly bad, when a new symptom appeared, when I was on the verge of collapse from neuro-fatigue. I feared the possibility of another brain bleed.