Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


When did I start suspecting? Was it when there was no talk of discharging me? Or when I felt the atmosphere change? Setting Up For a Long Haul One of the technicians who before I experienced a series of convulsions seemed to enjoy hanging out with me and my visitors, now, whenever she came in, … Read more

Yes or No?

Something’s wrong, as if my brain doesn’t fit inside my skull. No, that’s not quite it. I feel heavy, my legs, my arms, my head— It clicks—I need to press the call button. Now. As I press it, I start second-guessing myself—maybe it’s nothing, maybe I’m just tired. I really slept poorly last night— A … Read more

Melodrama? I felt woozy, confused. Rather than fear, I was filled with a vague sense of puzzlement. Wisps of unfinished thoughts wafted by, out of reach. I finally managed to snag one—Cindy might be able to figure it out. After a few failed attempts to phone her, I got her on the phone. I spoke … Read more