Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Not Me

Unfiltered sensory input flooded my systems, crowding me out, jamming up my circuits, disrupting connections, limiting my ability to function physically and cognitively. I felt my mind evaporating, scattering. I felt disconnected, detached, from everything on the inside and out. Nothing fit quite right, nothing belonged. As if some entity had removed the content from … Read more

You Pick

It’s always here. Where is it? Could they have moved it? I’m in the grocery store, searching for a particular brand of New England clam chowder, Daniel’s favorite. He specifically asked for it. I can’t find it anywhere. I contemplate other brands; there are three to choose from. I read through the list of ingredients; … Read more

Milk Run II

“You should tell the story about how you can’t buy milk.”I had no idea what Joyce was talking about. Of course I can buy milk. “You know-when I have to rescue you?” Joyce chuckled. “I can see you twenty years from now, wondering if you’ll ever be able to buy milk.” I’m not walking out … Read more