Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Magic Squares

I run a seminar series for undergraduate math majors. Our most recent speaker was a graduate student, Brian, a gifted teacher and speaker. He spoke about magic squares. Magic squares are square grids filled with distinct numbers (no repetitions) that along each row,and column, and across the main diagonals the numbers add up to the … Read more

Capturing moments

The brain surgeries have damaged the wiring that connects my factual memories and the emotions tied to them. Most of my memories are detached. I can only relive them through my writing. I don’t, I can’t, dwell on them. To me, writing is a form of exploring who I am in the aftermath of the … Read more

Semester’s End

I turn to Joyce. “So what did we come here for again?” She rolls her eyes. “A cotton blanket.” “Oh yeah. Sorry.” A few seconds later, as we head towards the bedding department, I ask again, “Ummm… what did we come to buy?” I rarely ventured into this particular store, and was constantly distracted by … Read more