Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

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The label read: Organic Raw KOMBUCHA Living Food for the Living Body reawaken rethink rekindle redefine relive enzymes+probiotics+antioxidants rebirth repurpose reinvent reclaim restart GINGERADE Was “kombucha” a brand name or some plant of some sort? The fact that the food was living didn’t impress me, nor did all the “re” words. But “gingerade” caught my … Read more


I was on the phone with Cindy. “Apparently marijuana prevents seizures. Maybe you should think about it.” Yes, I would love to get off my anti-seizure meds, Lamictal. I’d much rather find an alternative that’s not as toxic to my body and brain. In general, I don’t find the argument that natural substances are healthier … Read more