Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


“Survey: what effect from a bleed has impacted your life the most? Eg: facial droop, anxiety….” I didn’t even know where to start. But on second thought, I didn’t know whether I truly had anything to contribute. I follow a closed group on Facebook named “Stemmies.” It’s a support group for those of us affected … Read more


Sara tightened the strap that held my shoulders back. “How does that feel?” I let my arms hang down, relaxed. “You can go a little tighter.” The first time Sara strapped my shoulders back, I hated it, and asked to be released within the first minute. But after seeing the benefits, I tolerated it. I … Read more

Spatial Awareness

I’m afraid to move.There’s nothing out there for me, nothing to hold me in place, nothing to support me. I cannot give myself up to the nothingness. “Here, I put the chair right behind you. Just sit down.” How can I possibly sit down? I will fall, forever. I ponder my feet again. Dare I … Read more