Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Fears Evolved

Fear continues to drive some of my health related decisions, though in different ways than prior to the surgeries. Back then, I was terrified of the unknown—the seizures, loss of balance, vertigo, tremors, slurred speech—what else did the bloody brain have in store for me? I saw the brain surgeries as my only chance to … Read more


I used to worry when the kids went on sleepovers—what if they had an asthma attack? I used to be anxious when Sarah crossed the busy road on her way to the convenience store. I used to be afraid when Daniel got rides from older friends.Now, I worry whenever the phone rings and I hear … Read more

Not Much of a Young Lady

I looked at the calendar, and one of the more innocent limericks I learned from my mother came to mind: There was a young lady from Barking Creek Who had her monthlies twice a week How very provoking said the Bishop of Woking There’s no time for poking so to speak Well, I’m not exactly … Read more