Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Bloody Brain Interviewing 2

Bloody Brain: Why do you refer to me as The Bloody Brain? ME: That’s a difficult one. It started very close to the beginning, certainly before the surgeries. Was it something that came up in a conversation with Cindy? It started as a joke. I guess it just stuck. BB: Come on! Let’s be honest, … Read more


Dear Bloody Brain, How long has it been? Eight? Nine years? Let’s see… You slammed into my life in March of 2007, turning my world upside down. So that would make it nine years. Though if I counted from the surgeries, August of 2007, that would be about eight and a half years. Whatever. Somehow … Read more


I just sent off a package to Dr. Spetzler at the Barrow Neurological Institute, in Phoenix, Arizona, where I had my brain surgeries. As I handed it in at the post office, I gulped. I remember the last time I sent a similar package to Dr. Spetzler. It was in June 2007. It held a … Read more


EEG exhibiting seizure activity. Dr. Robert said that I only had two angiomas. Dr. Stuart told me that of my multiple angiomas only two had bled. But according to the brain MRI report, there were indications of “hemorrhage scattered throughout the hemispheres and in the right middle cerebellar peduncle.” (The cerebellar peduncle is the part … Read more