Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Acceptance & What it Looks Like

Acceptance & What it Looks Like Another Fork in the Road, on Brain Injury Radiohosted by Donna O’Donnell Figurski 1:17 first aired November 19, 2023 Acceptance of a new normal after brain injury does not mean to Give Up. It’s more like making lemonade from lemons. Acceptance is how others welcome back the survivor to … Read more

Acceptance? Acceptance.

During my early days into recovery from the brain surgeries, the daily battle to survive was tangible, but I persevered. As I progressed, every struggle validated my aversion to the term acceptance. Every time the word came up, my hackles rose. I associated it with malingering and I was no malingerer.
I mentioned my attitude towards the term to my neuropsychologist. He leaned back in his chair. “I interpret the term acceptance the Buddhist way—learning to live with it.”
I could live with that interpretation. I could learn to live with the bloody brain.
He added, “It’s the feisty ones who do best.”
Yes, that would be my way. I was a fighter.

Journeys and Destinations

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Scars Revisited

“I was particularly riveted by the chapter on your scars. You suddenly went through this period when you had to see them.” Kit surmised that my journey was not only of healing, but also of acceptance. “Would you talk about that a little bit?” As Kit spoke, as if on its own accord, my hand … Read more

And Then Some

Imagine a physically frail person who has accepted their frailty. What would you see in your mind’s eye? I picture a pale wrinkled old lady, lying in bed, bottles and bottles of pills on her nightstand beside her. I hear her quavering voice asking for help, as she weakly raises her arm to catch my … Read more

Looking Back

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