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Brain Injury Awareness Month: March 27th

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and I’m posting a new resource every day! Today’s Brain Injury Awareness Month resource is the Brain Injury Hope Network, a group for all whose lives are affected by brain injury. On Facebook: On Instagram: @braininjuryhopenetwork More info: Be sure to check out Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn … Read more


Perhaps stopping consuming chocolate cold-turkey would be the best strategy. And it worked. During the first few months chocolate-free, I felt a twinge of regret when a moist chocolate cake crossed my path, especially black forest cake, or when I was offered a slab of Belgian chocolate. But as the years passed, those twinges occurred less and less frequently. Until my latest trip to Israel.

Threads Around the World: Volume II

As my first full draft of my book “Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe” neared completion, I started thinking of a second volume. I told myself that if the book was well received I’d write a second book.

For the Love of Textiles

The stories behind traditional textiles expose our commonalities—we have too much in common with each other to be divided into us and them, to be regarded as more or less. Stories allow us to acknowledge the person in each other.