Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


Milk Run II

“You should tell the story about how you can’t buy milk.”I had no idea what Joyce was talking about. Of course I can buy milk. “You know-when I have to rescue you?” Joyce chuckled. “I can see you twenty years from now, wondering if you’ll ever be able to buy milk.” I’m not walking out … Read more

Ancient History–June 2007

The receptionist sounded so cheerful. “If you like, we can schedule you for surgery right now.”I gulped. “Ummm… sure.” I was on the phone to Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. It hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be looking at dates for the surgeries; I’d only phoned in order to set up an appointment … Read more

Threads Around the World: Volume II

As my first full draft of my book “Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe” neared completion, I started thinking of a second volume. I told myself that if the book was well received I’d write a second book.

For the Love of Textiles

The stories behind traditional textiles expose our commonalities—we have too much in common with each other to be divided into us and them, to be regarded as more or less. Stories allow us to acknowledge the person in each other.