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Beyond Brain Injury


October 14, 2017

I reread the poem for the umpteenth time, and like the first time, shortly after my second brain surgery, I teared up. Mum came to be with me in Phoenix during the surgeries. Dad had to stay at home, across the ocean. Throughout my hospitalization, he expressed his fears, anguish, and love through poetry. He … Read more


October 5, 2017

A friend suggested that I give a talk at a conference entitled “Women Of Resilience.” I wasn’t sure why she would think I would be an appropriate choice for a speaker. I wasn’t even sure about the meaning of the word—I had a vague notion that resilience had something to do with strength, which seemed … Read more

Testing Testing

October 1, 2017

It was my son’s idea to add bonus problems to my tests. “Have them draw an octopus. That’s what one of my professors had us do.” I loved the idea—the students, many of whom are subject to math anxiety, could use some comic relief during the test. I added a problem: “Draw a picture of … Read more

Guided by the Fugawi

September 13, 2017

Sometimes a title for a book or essay smacks you in the face as you write it, or shortly after you complete it. But more often than not, you agonize over it for days, weeks, months, sometimes more. I was writing a piece about how and why I started writing my memoir about recovery from … Read more


September 9, 2017

I should have known better. Why did I agree? I don’t think well on my feet. I should know how to handle it by now. Why don’t I take time to think before I make a choice, before I commit myself? I’ve learnt to compensate for so many of my losses. Why is this one … Read more

Inner Shift

September 5, 2017

I came away from this summer’s writing retreat feeling different, less disappointed in myself. I felt as if something clicked. But what? Over the last six years or so, my writing coach/editor, Judy, has been running an annual writing retreat for several of her clients. We’re a small group, no more than half a dozen … Read more

Way Too Early

September 1, 2017

Gus was fast asleep when I got up. A very deep sleep. I am NOT getting up. You’re kidding, right? I’m can’t believe you’re actually serious. Fine. I’ll get up. But first I need a belly rub. What’s the hold up? Let’s roll!


August 24, 2017

I pick out the peach colored ones, take a deep breath, then exhale. I place the three pills on my tongue, not too far back neither too far forward. Now the water. I raise the cup to my lips and tilt it towards my mouth just at the right angle. I don’t want to take … Read more

Jersey Shore

August 21, 2017

I paused at the bottom or the steps to the beach—nostrils flaring, I inhaled deeply, relishing the salt air as it filled me entire being. Dad contemplated the watermarks on the wall. “Look how high the water reaches at high tide.” I’d heard the waves pounding at the sea wall the previous evening. On our … Read more


August 16, 2017

whether they are merely maimed, It’s always a good idea to encourage the traumatized to join support groups. or gutted. The walking wounded could also use all the help they can get–trauma is trauma. Micky Moose is still standing, yet the psychological injuries run deep. The same goes for Mr. Lamb. Unfortunately, there are those … Read more