Oh Well

She smiled. “So, when’s your next trip?”

I thought for a brief moment. “Well, I’m going to Israel next week—it’s our spring break...”

She nodded.

I thought some more. “And a the end of May, I’m off to New York for the Book Expo America. You know… for the book...” I grinned, a tad embarrassed. “Oh, and a week later, I’ve got my trip to Oaxaca.”

Judith, my therapist, frowned and asked: “Where’s that?”

I was surprised. “In Mexico.”

She nodded again. “Anywhere else?”

“End of July, beginning of August, there’s the writing retreat…” I grinned at her. “I’m going to be a mess.” and shrugged. “Oh well. That’s all.”

Judith smiled. “Oh well.”

And we moved on to the next topic.