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I was born in England, raised in Israel, Switzerland, and England, and now live in the United States. I’m a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve participated nationally and internationally in dragon boating. I’m a mother, a writer, and a respected textile artist.

I am also a brain injury survivor. My journey towards reclaiming my life began with three brain surgeries in as many weeks—two carefully planned, the third a terrifying surprise.

My essays have appeared in several publications, including the Weave A Real Peace newsletter, where I have a regular column; Dragon Boat World International, Hand/Eye Magazine,and Logan Magazine; and SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Journal of Integral Equations and Applications. As a speaker, I present programs about brain injury (both my own and the wider scope of brain injury). I am an active blogger and participate in social media platforms including Facebook, discussing brain injury and its impact both in new material through my own Facebook page and by contributing to other sites and posts.

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