Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Happily Ever After: A Tale of Brain Injury

Photo by Charlee Brodsky.
  • She lived happily ever after.
  • Or so she thought
  • Brain bleeds and subsequent surgeries ended the life she knew and her dreams of the future.
  • In the wake of the surgeries, she struggled to reclaim her place in the world, to regain the life she lost.
  • In her early days of recovery, she despaired for the loss of her old life.
  • In time, she lost some battles, but she also won some, and then some more.
  • The gains started outweighing the losses.
  • She didn’t regain her old self, her old life.
  • A new person emerged from within her.
  • A better life surfaced.
  • She lived happily ever after.
  • For now.
Photo by Joyce Miller