Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Excitement on the Road

Wild Nebraska (Photo credit: Deb Brandon)

  1. A car full of Santas.
  2. Colorado–sagebrush, sagebrush, and more sagebrush.
  3. A blond weasel? No–a prairie dog.
  4. Baby cows!
  5. I like the aroma of cow-poo. But that was a bit much.
  6. Trees flying by–vertigo.
  7. A very clean tractor-trailer.
  8. Windmills galore.
  9. Spot fires along Interestate 80 in Nebraska.
  10. Annual Josh (pool-noodle) Fight in Lincoln, Nebraska. And the winner is…Josh.
  11. Yikes! I left my meds in Boulder, Colorado.
  12. Lunch at Culver’s–frozen custard and fries for dessert.
  13. Lots of tulips in Pella, Iowa. (Too early for the annual tulip festival.)
  14. Windy roads–vertigo.
  15. Unloading Christmas–half a car full of Santas.
  16. What Cheer, Iowa–fabulous name. Cindy’s favorite town.
  17. Many, many Iowa City flood stories–narrated by Cindy’s brother.
  18. Potato balls and crème brûlée for dinner–yum.
  19. Mark Twain everywhere in Hannibal, Missouri.
  20. Following the flight of a hawk–vertigo.
  21. Glorious horses.
  22. Gracie and Casey–wagging tails and lots of kisses.
  23. Unloading–no more Santas.
  24. Fierce goodbye hugs–Cindy’s sister, brother in law, and niece.
  25. Flying home–vertigo.