Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

No Sweat

20100321 Car Accident 004 photo credit: cygnus921 20100321 Car Accident 004 photo credit: cygnus921
I asked Sarah to alert me when I got too close to the side of the garage door.
I slammed on the breaks when I heard the crunch.
“You’re too close.”
We both burst into laughter. It was hilarious, and the car… I shrugged internally—was already embellished with a couple of scratches.
Joyce broke the hamsa my sister gave me. I felt my anger just beneath surface, about to explode. It meant a lot to me—a thoughtful housewarming gift from sister, for good luck. But I immediately extinguished it—it was just a thing.
My student, Amanda, hesitated to hire a tutor, despite needing one badly. I knew she would fail the course otherwise. My only concern about offering to pay him was that Amanda might feel weird about it. After all, it was only money.
In my past life, I would have yelled at Sarah. It would have taken a lot more out of me to put a lid on my anger towards Joyce. Would it have even occurred to me to pay for Amanda’s tutor?
Life is too short.
I no longer sweat the small stuff.