Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


My sister formed a Whatsapp group for the family. My siblings and I often message each other. I live in Pittsburgh, my older brother in Boston, and my two younger siblings in Israel. Though far flung, we are very close.
A few days ago I messaged them about having won a minor writing competition.
Us photo be Jennifer Kaplan 1976 Us photo be Jennifer Kaplan 1976
Me: “I get exposure (so to speak).”
Simon: “for some reason I am thinking of Barking Creek.”
Me: “She was a young lady…”
Jonathan: “Twice a week?!”
Me: “Very provoking.”
Simon: “Only in Woking.”
Though the conversation ended at that point, my smile stayed with me for a few more minutes. About four decades ago, when we were kids, Mum taught us a limerick:
There was a young lady of Barking Creek
Who had her monthlies twice a week.
“How very provoking.” said the bishop of Woking.
“There’s no time for poking, so to speak.”