Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


Blue and Gus, not looking repentant. Blue and Gus, not looking repentant.
The text: “These %&$%*^#s ate an entire cake this morning. In under 30 seconds.” came from my daughter with a photo of the supposed culprits. Though given the innocent look on their faces, I’m somewhat skeptical.
Collaboration can produce wonderful results, unless your collaborators are below par. My son often had a tough time with joint projects in school. The level of intellect of his collaborators was not usually the problem, as long as the division of labor is sensible and fair. The main issue was always a matter of work ethic.
It seems that Gus and Blue have figured out the optimal division of labor.
My daughter added, “It’s great. They teach each other different ways to get away with things. Gus taught Blue how to escape from the back yard, and Blue got the cake down for the two of them to demolish.”
Gus and Blue are excellent collaborators.