Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Six Words

Connie, the founder of the Angioma Alliance posted a message on Facebook:
six-words.jpg “We’d love to hear the 6-word story of your cavernous angioma experience in the comments below. Ernest Hemingway is credited with the gripping “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” On the lighter side, J.D. Grafton told us, “I’m beside myself; cloning machine works.” What’s your story?”
I responded with: “Discovering the new me—I am.”
After I sent it, I decided I’d like a do-over, but as often happens these days, I got distracted and forgot about it. This morning, I thought of, “Among my losses, I found writing.” Then as I stood in the shower, I mulled it over and came up with, “From a world lost, writing emerged.” and “I’m writing myself back into being.”
Now Connie is talking about making a video with each of us standing holding a sign with our stories. There’s so much to say in six words. Which part of my story is the most important? Is it the nightmare? The recovery? The reawakening? The losses? The gains?
Would it be cheating if I went with something new? Which one should I use? Which one is the best?