Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color


The Rabari people of the northwestern states of India, Gujarat and Rajasthan, are known for their rich mirror embroidery. They believe that the mirrors, representing the reflection of light on water, bring luck, prosperity, and fertility. They incorporate mirror-work in their embroidery to ward off the evil eye by trapping it, reflecting it, or making it blink.
When I suffer from extreme sensory overload and my neural pathways are all jammed up, my mind is in a state of complete turmoil, thoughts darting every which way, my emotions in complete and utter turmoil. At times I feel as if I am possessed by demons.
I have found that when in the grips of severe overload, gazing at reflections of light on water eases the turmoil, bringing order to the chaos in my mind. Perhaps, as the Rabari believe, the light dancing on the ripples does indeed ward off the evil eye, deflecting the attention of demons that possess my inner being.