Deb Brandon: Living in Radiant Color

Near Death Experience

I am lying face up, my arms by my side, palms facing upwards. Pure light fills my visual field. I am drawn to it, drifting towards it.Time and space are of no consequence.
I will reach the light. I will become one with it.
I am at peace. I am.
An awareness gradually permeates my consciousness-I am no longer floating towards the light.
Puzzled and disoriented, my eyes open.
Slowly, I become aware of my surroundings. The lighting is harsh. People are bustling around me.
I had just suffered a grand mal seizure as a consequence of a cerebral spinal fluid leak from the site of one of my brain surgeries. Sometime during the seizure, I underwent a near death experience.
Yes, there was a light, a pure light, and yes, I was drawn to it.
There are so many cliches associated with near death experiences, emotions, interpretations, so many words. To me, it was a nonverbal experience, a state of being.
Not all experiences need to be verbalized. Not all experiences need to be understood. Not all experiences need to be explained. Not all experiences should be explained.
Some experiences are just to be experienced.