Work in Progress:

Birth and Rebirth: Textile Techniques from Around the World

by Deb Brandon


Birth and Rebirth: Textile Techniques from Around the World is a collection of essays based on a popular column I've been writing for the WARP (Weave A Real Peace) quarterly newsletter for more than a dozen years. Not long ago, the WARP governing board suggested publishing a collection of the original essays as a fundraiser.

Newsletter editor, Linda Temple, and I first saw this as a home grown project, a bunch of articles slapped together accompanied by a haphazard collection of photos we had on hand. But as we dove in, we realized that there was the potential for a much better and stronger book. Since then, the project has evolved and grown.

I'm expanding on the original articles significantly. Each essay includes photos of these incredible textiles by renowned textile and commercial photographer, Joe Coca.

We'll be self-publishing Birth and Rebirth sometime in 2016, with a crowdfunding campaign to print and launch the book.

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