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About Me

I was born in England, raised in Israel, Switzerland, and England, and now live in the United   States. I’m a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve participated nationally and internationally in dragon boating. I’m a mother, a writer, and a respected textile artist.

I am also a brain injury survivor.

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The adventure of my life—not an adventure I’d wish on anyone, but an experience—and a life—I wouldn’t trade for anything, either.

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But My Brain Had Other Ideas

I woke up in a huge, well lit parking garage; the lights were too bright, too harsh. Beside every bed was a cement pillar sporting a number. Each patient bristled with tubes and wires, surrounded by alien machines and contraptions, blinking lights, tubes going in, tubes coming out, flashing screens. Nurses and doctors bustled around doing inexplicable things.

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